Video or File Upload

Download: EXT-ALL-018 Uploading Videos or Large Files.pdf

Preferred Method VMAC does not receive automatic notification that files have been uploaded to this site. Please ensure that you have advised VMAC Technical Support that you have uploaded files so that we can monitor our file inbox. 1. Click the following “Upload files” URL to be directed to VMAC’s Sharepoint site: Upload files. 2. Create a new folder. Use the VMAC CSR number associated with your incident as the folder name (i.e. CSR 2771) (Figure 1). Figure 1 3. After the folder is created, click on the folder (Figure 2). Figure 2 4. Once inside the folder, click on the “Upload” button and upload your file (Figure 3). Figure 3  Alternate Methods • Upload the file via the "Contact us" link at the top of the Knowledge Base page. • You can "Text" a file from your smartphone to our Technical Support mailbox. Simply enter "" where you would normally enter a phone number.* *Be aware that you may incur charges from your cell phone provider using this method.