Push-To-Connect (DOT style) Fittings

Download: EXT-ALL-021 Push-To-Connect fittings.pdf

VMAC uses Push-To-Connect fittings (DOT Style) with our Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tubing for pressure control and oil scavenging. This article details how to ensure a leak free connection. Lubricate the tube and firmly push it into the fitting so that the tube fully seats in the fitting. Slide the collet out, away from the body of the fitting to lock the tubing in place. Ensure the tube does not have any ‘play’ to prevent the O-ring from wearing. Figure 1 – Push-to-connect fittings • Lubricated the PTFE tube with compressor oil or assembly grease so that it doesn't roll the internal O-Ring when it is inserted, otherwise the fitting may leak. • With the collet (sleeve in the fitting) against the body of the fitting, push the PTFE tube all of the way into the fitting. There will be a little resistance at first and then the tubing will be felt to seat against the fittings. • Once the PTFE tube is fully seated, pull the collet away from the fitting to the PTFE tube in place. • To release the PTFE tube, push the collet flush with the fitting.