AC Delco Warranty Process Within Canada and the US

Download: EXT-MF-002-AC-Delco-Warranty-Process-Within-Canada-and-the-US.pdf

Page 1 of 1 Systems or Parts Affected: RAPTAIR MF This warranty process applies to ACDelco batteries included with VMAC products. Raptair 60 & Raptair MF Battery information Battery is an AC Delco Model # 51A and has 460 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) This is an 18 month free replacement battery so you should be able to take it to any business that sells AC Delco batteries and they should exchange it for you. The date code is stamped directly on the top of the battery. You do not need to return it to VMAC. For claims inside Canada and the United States please contact your nearest ACDelco© dealer for replacement instructions. For more information regarding this or to order parts please contact VMAC Tech Support 1-888-241-2289 Bulletin: EXT-MF-002 Subject: AC Delco Warranty Form (Canada/US) Dept: Tech Date: 10 February 2015