Running Boards and Other Optional Equipment

While VMAC strives to design systems compatible with optional OEM equipment (such as running boards), it is impractical to develop systems that accommodate every OEM and aftermarket option or add-on. Whenever possible, VMAC endeavors to advise of compatibility issues in the application list and in the “Additional Application Information” section of the installation manual. Even when specific optional equipment is determined by VMAC to be incompatible, it does not preclude the vehicle upfitter or end user from modifying the optional equipment to make it compatible with the installed VMAC system. VMAC does not warranty or accept responsibility or liability for the fitment, function or safety of any products modified in any way not expressly outlined in the installation manual.

For 2017+ Ford truck running board compatibility, see A700250 - Kit, Inboard AOST, VR150, Ford 2017+.