V900135 OEM Air Ride Suspension

Download: EXT-VR-012 V900135 OEM Air Ride Suspension

System or Parts affected V900135 2019+ GM / Chevrolet 4500, 5500, 6500HD 6.6L Duramax Diesel 2019+ International CV515 6.6L Duramax Diesel equipped with OEM Air Suspension/OEM air compressor Overview VMAC has not confirmed fitment of the VMAC V900135 compressor system on vehicles equipped with the optional OEM air suspension system. Before you start Confirm that the vehicle is equipped with the optional air ride suspension. Verify if the air dryer is fitted to the driver’s side frame rail, located ahead of the crossmember (Figure 1). Figure 1: Air dryer and AOST locations Resolution The following information should be considered prior to ordering the VMAC V900135 system for trucks equipped with OEM air ride suspension systems: • The VMAC Compressor and oil cooler are expected to be compatible with trucks equipped with OEM air suspension compressor. • The OEM air dryer may interfere with the VMAC Air Oil Separator Tank (AOST). The AOST may need to be installed in an alternate location suitable to the specific upfit. • Dependent upon the selected location of the AOST, custom hose lengths may be required. • Any mounting brackets required for the relocated AOST will be the responsibility of the upfitter. Any customizations required to make the V900135 system compatible with the optional OEM air suspension system, including custom bracketry or hoses, are done at the owner’s/upfitter’s expense.