RAPTAIR MF Replacement Battery Requirements

Download: EXT-MF-010-Replacement-Battery-Requirements.pdf

Bulletin: EXT-MF-010 Subject: RAPTAIR MF Replacement Battery Requirements Dept: Tech Date: 18 June 2015 Systems or Parts Affected: • RAPTAIR MF (D600005) Parts: • Battery (Type: Group 51) P/N# 3501094 • Battery Clamp P/N# 9500241 Background: The RAPTAIR Multifunction battery hold down relies on a lip at the bottom of the battery. This feature of the 3501094 ACDelco 51A battery is not common among competitors' batteries and may be difficult to find in brands other than ACDelco. Please ensure that any replacement battery will be compatible with this method of securing the battery. Document Name: (e.g. EXT-MF-012 RAPTAIR-MF Dual Air Filter Retrofit Kit – 1900997) Version Revision Details Revised By /Date Checked By /Date Signed Off: Tech Signed off: Eng Uploaded A Initial Release SP 18 Jun 2015 BJ 18 Mar 2015 RD 18 Jun 2015 N/A 19 Jun 2015 For more information regarding this or to order parts please contact VMAC Tech Support 1-888-241-2289