V900130 Crank Pulley Socket Clearence

Download: EXT-VR-091-V900130-Crank-Pulley-Socket-Clearance.pdf
Bulletin: EXT-VR-091 Subject: V900130 Crank Pulley Socket Clearance Dept: TECH Date: 30 June 2015 Systems or Parts Affected: • Underhood70 (V900130) Parts: • PULLEY, CRANK, FORD 6.7 VR70 P/N# 1800226 Background: Some customers have had difficulty accessing the crank pulley fasteners with a socket due to the clearance between the fastener and the VMAC Crank Pulley. Resolution: VMAC engineers have confirmed that removing 0.100” – 0.150” inch from the inside of the crank surface should allow sufficient clearance for a “thin walled” socket to access the fasteners without causing any detrimental effects. Document Name: EXT-VR-091 V900130 Crank Pulley Socket Clearance Version Revision Details Revised By /Date Checked By /Date Signed Off: Tech Signed off: Eng Uploaded A Initial Release SP 30 Jun 2015 RD 30 Jun 2015 RD Jun 2015 N/A 30 Jun 2015 For more information regarding this or to order parts please contact VMAC Tech Support 1-888-241-2289