AC Delco Warranty Form (Outside CA and USA)

Download: EXT-MF-001-AC-Delco-Warranty-Form-Outside-CA-and-USA.pdf
Page 1 of 1 Systems or Parts Affected: RAPTAIR MF This warranty process applies to ACDelco batteries included with VMAC products sold outside of Canada or the United States of America: *For customers requiring assistance within Canada and the USA, consult your local ACDelco dealer Should an ACDelco battery fail to hold a charge due to a defect in material or workmanship in the first 18 months VMAC will credit the VMAC dealer’s account the current VMAC dealer cost for that battery, to be used against the procurement of a new, locally available battery of comparable performance. In order to submit a claim, first contact VMAC Technical Support at to obtain authorization and a Customer Service Request (CSR) number for reference. Remove the warranty insert from the lower left corner of the label on top of the battery. It will separate along the red perforated lines. Place the removed decal in the space below. Photograph the battery clearly showing the battery serial no. and that the insert is removed. Record the requested information below, scan this document and email it, along with the requested photo, to for warranty consideration: Dealer Name: System ID No.: CSR No.: Hours (from Raptair / Control Box): Failure to supply the required information will result in denial of warranty. For more information regarding this or to order parts please contact VMAC Tech Support 1-888-241-2289 Bulletin: EXT-MF-001 Subject: AC Delco Warranty Form (Outside North America) Dept: Tech Date: 10 February 2015 Place removed warranty decal insert here.