Why do I have compressor oil in my airstream/oil carryover?

There are a number of reasons why compressor oil may be carrying over into the air stream, with the most common being:

  • Compressor oil too full.
    • ​VMAC compressor oil is clear when new which can sometimes make it difficult to read the oil level in the sight glass. Ensure the compressor has not been over filled. 
  • Incorrect compressor oil.
    • Use only VMAC high performance synthetic oil.
  • Incorrect shutdown procedure.
    • Follow the shutdown procedure documented in the owner's manual.
  • Internal VMAC system pressure is being allowed to drop below 60 psi.
    • ​Ensure the compressor is sized correctly for tool (is compressor cfm adequate to run the tool)
  • Lack of service, coalescing filter compromised.
    • Refer to the VMAC Owner's Manual for servicing intervals.
  • Poor fit between the coalescing filter and the AOST. 
    • When servicing, ensure the coalescing filter is seated correctly.
  • Clogged or kinked scavenge line.
    • ​Clear the scavenge tube of any blockages or restrictions. 
  • Air Oil Separator Tank is not correctly aligned (VMAC UNDERHOODTM systems only).
    • Ensure the arrow on the blowdown cap is pointing up.
  • System is being used on too steep an angle (All systems that utilize an Air Oil Separator Tank).
    • ​Ensure the system is level (15° or less).

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