Air Arc Gouging Requirements

Download: EXT-MF-013-RAPTAIR-MF-Air-Arc-Gouging-Requirements.pdf

System or Parts affected • RAPTAIR-MF (D600005 / 7) Overview The RAPTAIR-MF control system manages excessive horsepower demands on the engine by turning the compressor off. This ensures that the generator is able to provide steady, regulated voltage to the generator for either welding, charging or powering your electrical tools. Once the load from the generator is reduce the compressor will re-engage automatically. When air arc gouging, the high horse power demand from the welder may cause the compressor to shut down limiting the air available for gouging. An air reservoir tank will help to extend the distance that can be gouged. To assist in determining air reservoir requirements, we suggest roughly 1 gallon of reserve for every inch of arc gouging (this is based off of our tests performed at sea level with a 6 gallon tank).