Hydraulic Drive Mounting Dimensions

Download: EXT-PRED-001 Hydraulic Driven Mounting Dimensions.pdf

Technical Support Subject Hydraulic Drive Mounting Dimensions Document Version Department Revision Details Revised by Tech Engineering Implemented EXT-PRED-001 A Tech Document Release BDJ 15 Aug 2018 DB 20 Aug 2018 N/A 20 Aug 2018 Knowledge Base Email: tech@vmacair.com : www.kb.vmacair.com Page 1 of 1 Web: www.vmacair.com Technical Support: 1(888)241-2289 Toll Free:1(800)738-8622 Fax: 1(877)740-3201 System or Parts affected • VMAC Hydraulic Drive 40cfm and 60cfm compressor systems. Overview • Following are size and locations of mounting points, and length & width of the unit. (Figure 1) • Dimensions shown are in inches. • Complete installation information can be found at https://www.vmacair.com/support/manuals/ Figure 1