UNDERHOOD 40 Generic Hose Diagram

Download: EXT-VL-009 UNDERHOOD 40 Generic Hose Diagram.pdf

Technical Support Subject UNDERHOOD 40 Generic Hose Diagram Version Document Department Revision Details Revised by Tech Engineering Implemented A EXT-VL-009 Tech Document Release BDJ DSB N/A 6 Nov 2018 Knowledge Base: www.kb.vmacair.com Page 1 of 1 Email: tech@vmacair.com Web: www.vmacair.com Technical Support: 1(888)241-2289 Toll Free:1(800)738-8622 Fax: 1(877)740-3201 SYSTEM OR PARTS AFFECTED • All VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 Van Series and Truck Series Compressor systems OVERVIEW The image below illustrates the generic hose connections of VMAC's UNDERHOOD 40 compressor systems. Component locations may vary for each specific VMAC truck or van UNDERHOOD 40 system. For additional information, refer to VMAC installation manuals for specific hose routing and install instructions. For assistance, contact VMAC Technical Support at (888) 241-2289 or email tech@vmacair.com . PTFE Oil Scavenging Line Oil Return (cooled) WHASP to Compressor Air/Oil Discharge (hot) Compressor to WHASP Bulkhead fittings (through vehicle body) Air Discharge Port to Customer’s Equipment