Ram Chassis Cab Engine Idle Shut Down Timer

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Technical Support Subject Ram Chassis Cab Engine Idle Shut Down Timer Version Document Department Revision Details Revised by Tech Engineering Implemented A EXT-ALL-025 Tech Document Release BDJ 6 Nov 2019 BDJ MH 7 Nov 2019 Knowledge Base: www.kb.vmacair.com Page 1 of 1 Email: tech@vmacair.com Web: www.vmacair.com Technical Support: 1(888)241-2289 Toll Free:1(800)738-8622 Fax: 1(877)740-3201 SYSTEM OR PARTS AFFECTED • UNDERHOODTM Air Compressor systems • DTM Direct Transmission Mount systems • 2019 Ram Chassis Cab trucks equipped with 6.4L gas engine or 6.7L Cummins diesel engine OVERVIEW • An optional “Engine Idle Shut Down Timer” feature exists (sales code XCL) for Ram chassis cab trucks, which automatically shuts down the engine if the ECM senses that the engine has been idling longer than the programmed time threshold without any operator (driver) activity. • If sales code XCL is ordered from the factory, the feature will be active when the vehicle is delivered. The timer threshold is programmed from the factory to 5 minutes. • Operators of vehicles equipped with “Engine Idle Shut Down Timer” should refer to the associated FCA US LLC Body Builder Instruction for information on how to adjust or temporarily disable the shut down timer threshold. • Click on the following link, or scan the UR code below to view the FCA US LLC Body Builder Instruction associated with the Ram Chassis Cab Engine Idle Shut Down Timer: https://www.ramtrucks.com/BodyBuilder/service/Image?imageId=MtQrP%2FFqLY5r%2Fest8MtGjGgHzAH GUTU0WB3rWuqSY7YmQ2vEhuBWBBfvUoG0U8Ao%0A