Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Where can I find a VMAC Dealer?

Can I purchase VMAC systems or parts directly through VMAC?

Do I have to use VMAC Compressor Oil?

Can I move my VMAC UNDERHOOD Compressor system from one truck to another?

Can I rebuild my VMAC compressor?

Subaru EX40 Parts and Service Locator

Can I replace the Subaru EX40 engine in a G300001-G300002 Gas Drive air compressor system with the Honda GX390 Engine?

Kubota Warranty, and Dealer Locator

Cat Warranty and Dealer Locator

Honda GX390 Warranty, and Dealer Locator

Why do I have compressor oil in my airstream/oil carryover?

What hoses do I use?

What is my VMAC warranty?

How can I register my warranty?

How do I protect my Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (F.R.L.) and/or Eliminator from freezing in cold weather?

Where can I take my Lincoln Air Vantage for service?

How can I prevent my Kubota engine from stalling in low temperatures or high altitudes?

Running Boards and Other Optional Equipment

Why is air escaping from the hole in the regulator of my UNDERHOOD or Gas Driven (G30) Compressor?

How do I test the compressor performance of my VMAC?

What air tool oil should I use in my Filter / Regulator / Lubricator?

If I install my own VMAC system will the VMAC Warranty be valid?

Why does the compressor in my Multifunction Power System shut off while the generator and/or PTO is under load?

When is a system flush required?

Technical Support for Palfinger Hydraulic Drive Air Compressors

Does VMAC Sell VTAC Racing Products?