RAPTAIR-MF Revision B Firmware Changes

Download: EXT-MF-014-RAPTAIR-MF-Revision-B-Firmware-Changes.pdf

System or Parts affected • RAPTAIR-MF (D600005 / 7) o RAPTAIR-MF Control Box P/N# 2900047 Overview VMAC updated the RAPTAIR-MF Firmware to accommodate feedback from a majority of our customers. This firmware update is contained in all “Rev B” control boxes. The information in this bulletin if for information purposes only, there is no end user action required. • Delay to standby: Due to several customers having issues with the way the multifunction would shut down immediately upon turning off the generator or PTO, mistaking it for a stall or simply disliking it going from full throttle to off suddenly, there is now a minimum 10s delay after the functions are shut off before it enters standby mode and turns off the engine. Note that this value is not user-selectable. The “delay to standby” value the user can select counts down while the generator/PTO is running, so say it is set to 5 minutes, if the generator is turned off after 4 minutes the machine will run for 1 more minute before turning off. If the generator/PTO is used for 4mins 50sec or more it will always run for 10 seconds after turning off the generator/PTO then shut down. • Load shedding: When initially tested with a large PTO application it was found that if the compressor was running when the PTO was used, a heavy PTO load could stall the engine before the control system would disable the compressor. The firmware has been modified to include a function that watches the rate of RPM drop, and will shut the poppet valve on sudden heavy loading, and then disable the compressor clutch if the RPM continues dropping. It will then re-enable the compressor automatically after the blowdown procedure is complete. If the rate of RPM drop is slow, as would be seen in a progressively ramping PTO load then there is a hard limit of 3200 RPM at which the compressor will be disabled. • The “starting clutch” screen changed to “starting compressor”: This screen appears after enabling the compressor if the system is still blowing down, and remains on the screen until the blowdown period is complete. Just a more accurate description of what is actually happening in case anyone were to wonder why it’s taking 15 seconds to turn on a clutch.