Setting Correct Base Idle Raptair D600001AH - 2AH

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Page 1 of 3 Systems or Parts Affected:  These instructions pertain to RAPTAIR models: D600001 and D600002 built prior to August 2012 Resolution: 1. Disconnect battery. 2. Remove fan guard. 3. Remove throttle setting screws locking wire. Bulletin: EXT-D60-050 Subject: Instructions to Correct Base Idle RAPTAIR D600001AH - 2AH Dept: Tech Date: 12 Nov 2014 Page 2 of 3 4. Loosen locknut and remove low idle screw. 5. Remove the locknut and replace with the thinner VMAC locknut (Part# 1560523). If this is not available grind the OEM locknut thickness to 1/8 inch (3.00 mm). 6. Refit the idle adjustment screw with the new locknut. 7. Set the distance between the new locknut and the head of the screw in the first instance to 1/16 inch (1.75mm). 1/8 inch (3.00 mm) Set gap to 1/16 inch (1.75 mm) Page 3 of 3 8. Tighten locknut. 9. Install the test tool (1/16 inch orifice) with the pressure gauge to the air discharge fitting on the storage tank. Ensure the tank is discharged and the test tool ball valve is closed. 10. Refit the service panel to facilitate starting. Start the engine and once the start cycle is complete set the display panel to show the RPM using the “NEXT” or “BACK” key. 11. Once the pressure has built to 150psi and the idle has dropped to the unload idle speed (approximately 2400 rpm) shut the engine off and using small increments turn the low idle screw clockwise to increase idle to 2500 rpm and re-tighten locknut. *Note: DO NOT adjust idle while engine is running. Shut down engine and make small adjustments before securing locknut and testing. 12. Once idle is set run the system and test loaded idle speed rpm. This is done by cracking open the ball valve to drop to between 145 – 120 psi (we do not want to increase engine speed so open the ball valve slowly) giving us the lowest possible engine speed where the unit is most likely to stall. The unit should now be running about 2300 rpm. Refit lock wire and use Loctite 242© (blue) on fasteners. Document Name: EXT-D60-050 Setting Correct Base Idle RAPTAIR D600001AH - 2AH Version Revision Details Revised By /Date Checked By /Date Signed Off: Tech Signed off: Eng Uploaded A Initial release SP 10 Feb 2015 DB 9 Dec 2014 RD 10 Dec 2014 SC 10 Dec 7 May 2015