Oil “Burping” out the Air Filter (Underhood)

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Technical Support Subject Oil “Burping” out the Air Filter (Underhood) Document Version Department Revision Details Revised by Tech Engineering Implemented EXT-VR-014 A Tech Document Release SP 2 Nov 2015 BC 2 Nov 2015 N/A 2 Nov 2015 Page 1 of 1 Knowledge Base: www.kb.vmacair.com Email: tech@vmacair.com Web: www.vmacair.com Technical Support: 1(888)241-2289 Toll Free:1(800)738-8622 Fax: 1(877)740-3201 System or Parts affected  All Underhood VR70/VR150 (V900xxx/V910xxx) Overview Trouble shooting oil ‘Burping” out of the inlet or saturating the VMAC air filter. Trouble shooting  Ensure that the compressor is being shut down correctly: 1. Ensure discharge valve is closed (or no tool is currently using air). 2. Allow engine to idle for 1 minute. (RPM should be at base “VMAC Idle”). 3. Turn off compressor.  Ensure compressor is not being run while truck is parked at angles exceeding 15°.  Check Pressure Control Line from Blowdown Cap on Air Oil Separator Tank (AOST) to the regulated side of the inlet assembly. o Undo both ends of the PTFE hose and use shop air blow through both ways. o Check the passage way through the fitting into the AOST. o Ensure that there are no kinks or damage to the PTFE hose. o You can use a soap and water solution to look for leaks at the quick connect fittings. The following instructions require you to remove the inlet from the compressor.  Rotate the compressor clutch by hand clockwise to push oil from the screws.  Remove the inlet from the compressor. Retain the O-ring for re-use unless it is damaged.  Remove the air filter cover from the inlet.  Remove the air filter plate. The socket head hex screws are installed with blue Loctite so take special care to ensure you do not strip them.  Inspect poppet screw to ensure it is tight. (Figure 1)  Push poppet in and confirm poppet seat O-ring has not become dislodged. (Figure 2) Figure 1 Figure 2 puking