Control Box Keypad Replacement

Download: EXT-ALL-123-Control-Box-Keypad-Replacement.pdf

Bulletin: EXT-ALL-123 Subject: Control Box Keypad Replacement Dept: Tech Date: 17 March 2015 Systems or Parts Affected: • Underhood70 (V90000x) • Underhood150 (V91000x) • PREDATAIR (H60000x) Parts: • Underhood70 / 150 P/N# 3550779 • PREDATAIR P/N# 3550780 Symptoms: • Change the keypad if the buttons become non-responsive Removal: 1. Unplug the control box from the flat white 4-pin connector at the end of the control box cable for the Underhood System or the black 4-pin connector for the PREDATAIR. Remove the 4 screws holding the control box to the mounted location (Figure A). 2. Remove the 4 corner screws from the back of the control box (figure B). 3. Lift the top of the control box straight up and rotate the top of the control box like a clam shell. Pull carefully – there is a flex cable attached to pc board (figure C). 4. Remove the connector from the pc board by grasping the connector firmly, moving the connector slightly side to side while pulling towards the ribbon cable away from the LCD screen (figure D). Installation: 1. Slide the new cable on by pushing on the connector edge (do not push or pull on the flex cable) and gently push the connector down so it slides into the slot on the circuit board. 2. Gently push the new top straight down over the circuit. You may need to wiggle the top back and forth to get it past the corners of the circuit board. 3. Replace the 4 corner screws in the back cover (figure B). 4. Plug the control box back into the flat white 4-pin connector (making sure the keypad works correctly) and remount the control box to the original location.